Surface Scanner

It is a state of the art High Dynamic Range (HDR) measuring and modeling system for the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) and Spatially Varying BRDFs in the visible spectrum which can be used for recording the optical properties of any material over an entire hemisphere of locations in a fast and reliable manner. It can be used in diverse set of industries ranging from paint manufactureres to gaming, healthcare, agriculture, archeology and numerous others for wide spread applications.

Minimal Time and Human Effort

Measure First, Model Later

Our solution is based on the use of two standard video cameras, light sources and requires only a few minutes (~3 minutes to be precise) of recording of the material sample under specified settings to recover the complete BRDF (whether in 4D, 3D or 2D form) in high dynamic range. The system can be integrated with spectral imager to recover the spectral properties of the sample simultaneously when desired in the visible spectrum. The system is capable of measuring wide range of materials with all kinds of optical properties including isotropy and anisotropy. The accuracy of the measurements can be evaluated with integrated color fidelity analysis and spectral accuracy evaluation.

Accurate Measurements with Integrated Visualization, Spectral Analysis

From Isotropy to Anisotropy, Measure what ever you desire

The system can measure materials cast on numerous known shapes ranging from spheres to cylinders as well as from unknown surfaces and shapes when coupled with the 3D modeling solution. Integrated physically plausible rendering allows for rapid visualization of the mesurements. Measuring BRDF and SVBRDF is a complicated task and we strive to provide you easy to use solutions with high accuracy which are scalable beyond the basic acquisition pipeline. Our surface scanner can be used for precise, reliable and fast acquisitions when and where ever desired with minimal effort.

Our solutions incorporate advanced concepts from colorimetry (color science), optics, lighting, simulations, optimization and human visual perception for fast acquisition and modeling. Sample BRDF data of four paint samples (binary files in MERL format) measured using our system with renderings shown below are also available for download before you make your decision to use our product.

The surface scanner solution is now also available coupled with our hardware based specialized Multipurpose Data Acquisition Platform (MULDAP) for fast, reliable and easy acquisition of BRDFs, SVBRDFs and several related phenomenon covering an entire spectrum of desired tasks. The product is equally useful for industry, academia and research organization working in this domain.

Brown Metallic Paint ----------------- Apricot Paint --------------------------- White Glossy Paint ------------------- Reflection Diffuse Paint ------------