News and Updates

There is no specific news, update or press release available at this time. Please refer to the timeline of events below for information. However several things remain in focus for research and development with work in various stages. Only important new releases of products and corresponding major updates are notified in the events section.

Timeline of Events (in reverse chronological order)

26th November 2018: After performing certain modifications to the hardware platform (MULDAP) the development phase of the hardware has been successfully completed. In the future focus will be on the development of software for various tasks currently not covered by the software products offered by the company.

15th June 2018: The hardware platform (MULDAP) was tested for the first time completely and initial data acquisitons were performed with numerous more tests and modifications planned for the future.

3rd May 2018: The development of multipurpose hardware platform was completed successfully. It is a state of the art extremely portable Multipurpose Data Acquisition Platform (MULDAP).

2nd August 2017: Development of the multi-purpose hardware platform finally kicked off. Having faced numerous hurdles along the way as of December 2017 the hardware is almost nearing its completion.

12th April 2017: Plan to build a multi-purpose hardware platform which had been in conceptual phase for a while were put in motion. With minor details being worked out to make it as generic as possible.

15th October 2016: Updates to the spectral imaging system are made which allows cameras and lighting equipment of various vendors to be used without compromise in accuracy effectively providing quantification capability.

22nd June 2016: Updates and revisions to the 3D object shape scanner are made and samples of more scanned objects are made available online.

9th March 2016: Integrated approach for simultaneous measurement of object shape, BRDFs and spectral reflectance among different products where necessary is introduced allowing for flexibility in measurements.

24th February 2016: Updates and revisions to the BRDF measurement system are made and sample measured BRDFs of four materials are made available online.

29th October 2015: Spectral imaging solution using active lighting which can measure spectra of materials in the visible spectrum accurately is launched as a product with the name of Spectral Imager.

9th July 2015: 3D object shape scanner for opaque surfaces which can also measure and model object appearance for photorealistic reproduction is launched by the company as a product with the name of 3D Modeling.

7th July 2015: BRDF measurement system with the name of Surface Scanner is launched as a product initially which can measure and model materials cast on different object shapes in high dynamic range.

2nd July 2015: Website of the company is registered and launched.

September 2014: Company is launched in stealth mode with focus on rapid acquisition and modeling systems. Initially, emphasis is on the development of BRDF and 3D shape measurement systems.