3D Modeling

We provide low cost state of the art high resolution 3D modeling solutions for your everyday needs. Using our solutions you can acquire complete and detailed 3D scans of objects and its appearance for use and consumption in numerous industries ranging from computer aided design and manufacturing, cultural heritage preservation to computer games, animations, cartoons, films and several other multimedia productions.

Detailed acquisition of surface macro and micro geometry

Fast, robust and scalable measurement of appearance

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Our solution allows you to perform on the fly acquisitions of objects with complicated geometry and appearance which are difficult to measure without a range scanner or hand produce and design using 3D content creation software’s and can be of significant advantage for game artists, designers and animators who spend large amounts of time in content creation pipeline. Using our solution you can perform detailed acquisitions of the surface micro and macro geometry allowing for accurate reproduction.

Reliably handle self occluding objects

Simultaneous measurements ensure minimal effort

We provide complete solutions for appearance modeling of the scanned objects as well such that they can be relit in any environment later on while rendering for achieving photorealism when desired. Our solution can reliably handle self occluding objects while performing simultaneous measurements. Appearance modeling of objects is a complicated task and we strive to provide you the very best solutions which are scalable beyond the acquisition pipeline allowing you the capability to edit its measured appearance. Our solution can be used for modeling wide variety of real world objects with ease.

Our solutions incorporate advanced concepts from colorimetry (color science), optics, lighting, simulations and human visual perception for virtual prototyping using real world data. Samples of our work in use for acquiring the shape and appearance of objects are available before you make your decision to use our solutions.

The 3D modeling solution is now also available coupled with the hardware based specialized Multi-purpose Data Acquisition Platform (MULDAP) for precise and fast acquisition of data for photometric, multiview, turntable and several other forms of acquisitons.

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