Measured BRDF data of four paint samples obtained using our solution can be downloaded below. (Brown Metallic Paint, Apricot Paint, White Glossy Paint, Dulux Reflection Diffuse Paint)

Brown Metallic Paint ----------------- Apricot Paint --------------------------- White Glossy Paint ------------------- Reflection Diffuse Paint ------------


3D models of Decoration, Fox, Monster and Bunny objects measured using our solution. Click play to interact with the 3D model.

Decoration by Gravisc on Sketchfab

Fox by Gravisc on Sketchfab

Monster by Gravisc on Sketchfab

Bunny by Gravisc on Sketchfab


Hyperspectral / multispectral images of an object measured at selected wavelengths.



Complete hyperspectral data of the above object can be downloaded here: Hyperspectral The datasheet demonstrating the effectiveness and accuracy of our system can be downloaded from here: Accuracy Evaluation.pdf