The primary purpose of Gravisc is to research and develop innovative new solutions to challenging problems that can be used by associated industries for widespread applications and it remains committed to investigating and understanding the fundamental principles underlying various phenomenon and translating that knowledge into useable entities that can have a far reaching impact for socio-economic development and benefit in general.

At present the focus is on the development of rapid acquisition and modeling systems. However it is by no means a restrictive domain and several things remain in various stages of research and development. The products, in general are for a wide range of users in various industries with diversified requirements who often lack the necessary resources and expertise to perform such tasks and off the shelve available solutions are not suitable for them because of cost, poor resolution, acquisition time or accuracy and reliability constraints.

Our solutions are specifically targeted towards medium and small size companies involved in the production, creation and analysis of digital content for consumption in numerous multimedia sources and industries ranging from cultural heritage, archeology, agriculture, engineering, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare among several others. Want to know more about our products, company or simply want to talk to us: Contact Us. More information about the origin of the company, products and updates is available from the timeline of events in the News section.

Gravisc is a registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Interested in working for Gravisc Inc.: Their are no specific positions available at this time.

However if you find our work and products interesting and have the necessary background in any of the mentioned topics such as: computer vision, graphics, computational imaging, applied optics, numerical optimization, simulation and modeling, machine learning, electronics(integrated circuits, pcb layout designing, technicians), CAD expert or consider yourself an expert programmer with demonstrable experience then you can send your detailed CV for consideration at: jobs <-at->gravisc.com

We do not accept agency resumes, applications or candidates nor solicit them.