Spectral Imager

It is a low cost state of the art high resolution active lighting based multispectral / hyperspectral imaging system in the visible spectrum which can be used in diverse set of industries such as healthcare, agriculture, archeology, paint manufacturers and numerous others for applications ranging from quality assurance, content analysis and preservation among several others by analyzing objects at different wavelenghts.

High resolution hyperspectral / multispectral acquisition

Fast, robust and accurate measurements

image1 image2

Our solution allows you to acquire hyperspectral images on the fly for surfaces and objects with varying reflectance properties and geometry in the visible spectrum ranging from 400nm - 720nm with a resolution of 1nm and and can be extended to the near infrared range (730nm - 900nm) with modifications to the imaging system. The accuracy of our system is comparable to any traditional off the shelf hyperspectral imaging camera. Our solution relies on only commodity cameras for facilitating on the fly acquisitions in indoor environments rapidly by acquiring only a few images of the scene under specified settings to facilitate detailed spectral analysis.

Simultaneous shape and spectral analysis

Low cost and commodity hardware

We provide complete solutions for simultaneous shape and spectral analysis as well when desired and our solution can reliably handle complicated surfaces and objects. Accurate hyperspectral imaging using low cost commodity cameras is complicated task and becomes even more complicated when coupled simultaneously with shape acquisition therefore we strive to provide you the very best solutions which are scalable beyond the acquisition pipeline. The spectral imager can be used for precise, reliable and fast acquisitions when and where ever desired with minimal effort.

Our solutions incorporate advanced concepts from colorimetry (color science), optics, lighting, simulations, optimization and human visual perception for fast acquisition and modeling. Samples and Accuracy Evaluation of hyperspectral measurements performed using the product are available before you make your decision to use our solution.