Gravisc develops rapid acquisition and modeling systems including but not limited to BRDF/SVBRDF measurement, hyperspectral imaging and 3D modeling for a wide range of users in various industries with diversified requirements who often lack the necessary resources and expertise to perform such tasks and off the shelve available solutions are not suitable for them because of cost, poor resolution, acquisition time or accuracy and reliability constraints.

Our products are specifically targeted towards medium and small size companies involved in the production and creation of digital content for consumption in numerous multimedia sources and content analysis for various applications in diverse set of industries ranging from entertainment to engineering, cultural heritage, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, archeology and several others.


3D Modeling

We develop state of the art 3D modeling solutions which can be used for capturing not only the shape of the object but also its appearance allowing the flexibility of relighting and rendering in any environment when desired. We use standard video cameras and commodity hardware. Our solution allows for fast acquisition in challenging conditions for a wide variety of real world objects with complicated texture and appearance ensuring the finest details at all levels. Interested in more information about this solution: Read more

Spectral Imager

Spectral imager allows you to perform detailed hyperspectral imaging of surfaces and objects by using images captured from commodity cameras for modeling and analysis of subjects at different wavelengths. Our solution allows for fast acquisition, high resolution and accurate measurements with minimal effort and relies on active lighting for imaging in the visible spectrum. The accuracy of our solution is comparable to any such off the shelve hyperspectral camera. Interested in more details about this solution: Read more

Surface Scanner

Surface scanner is a state of the art BRDF and SVBRDF measurement system which provides you the flexibility to measure and model the optical properties of any material. Our solution is based on the use of two standard video cameras and allows for accurate measurements with minimal human effort and significantly reduces the amount of time required for measuring and modeling various surfaces in detail. The accuracy of the measurements can also be evaluated qualitatively. Interested in more details about this solution: Read more



We also provide state of the art custom built proprietary Multipurpose Data Acquisition Platform (MULDAP) which is a hardware system for facilitating precise and accurate measurements of data for wide range of tasks such as 3D Scanning, BRDF and SVBRDF measurements (isotropic, anisotropic, bivariate), Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging, Subsurface Scattering, Transparent Object measurements, Light Transport, Fluorescence Measurements, Liquid Sample Analysis, Projector Camera Systems and numerous other tasks involving measurements of light matter interaction in any form.

MULDAP allows rapid acquisition of data for tasks which are often laborious and time consuming thereby enabling the user to focus his efforts on extracting value from the measurements. The hardware supports objects and samples of all kinds from flat surfaces to irregular shaped entities. The platform comes coupled with associated software which is available separately under license. Want to know more about the hardware platform: Contact Us


Our products incorporate advanced concepts from physics based vision, colorimetry, lighting, applied optics, numerical optimization, simulation & modeling, machine learning and human visual perception for accurate and precise measurement of real world data. Simple setups and easily available hardware allow for flexibility in acquisitions and state of the art mesurement techniques facilitate achieving the desired results in a variety of applications. Want to know more or simply want to talk to us: Contact Us